Writer’s block is never fun, whether you’re writing long-form copy for your brand or filling out a card for a coworker you barely know. (“Congrats on the baby! …good job?”) And outsourcing your projects to a professional writer takes more time and money than you can afford. If only you could generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content with the click of a button. Meet Typli.ai.

Why should you consider Typli.AI?

Using AI technology, you’ll be able to produce original, long-form content that can be edited to perfection. Choose from a variety of writing prompts, enter a few simple sentences, and start generating creative, copyright-free copy in minutes. Already have content written? Even better. Typli.ai lets you build on your work with more than 100 writing commands. Plus, the Copyscape API feature lets you check if your generated content is 100% unique or plagiarized. You’ll even be able to change the wording of your content to create more depth and variation thanks to Typli.ai’s AI text spinner. Best of all, Typli.ai also functions as an SEO checker for your generated content! You’ll be able to optimize your content to rank higher on search engines.
The built-in SEO assistant goes through your content and makes suggestions on how it could perform better, so you can make changes until your SEO score is at 100%.

Why Typli.AI is good for bloggers?

With the SEO keyword Traffic estimator, you’ll be able to choose the best keywords that correspond to your content. You can even get an estimate on how much traffic your keywords are driving per month. Get a readability score on all your content to help you monitor the quality and readability of your writing. Typli.ai also comes equipped with a WordPress plugin, so you can write content without leaving your WordPress account. That way, you can easily and conveniently build websites with high-ranking content on a platform you already know. Plus, the team management and tagging features makes it easy for you to assign tasks and collaborate on projects.


How can I use Typli.AI?

you can install Typli.ai as an add-on for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Generate content for Google Docs, emails, and anything else you’re working on without leaving your browser, so you can produce relevant copy in just a few clicks.
Typli.ai gives you quick access to your content, too, letting you copy and paste it wherever you want, wherever you’re working.

More features

You’ll also be able to download your content as a PDF or DOC file, ready to be used instantly. Writing on a deadline shouldn’t feel like you’ve reverted back to your caffeine-induced college essay sessions. (“Red Bull gave me wings and 10 double-spaced pages of nonsense.”) With Typli.ai, you get an intuitive AI content tool that helps you generate original, optimized writing directly from your browser, whether that’s Chrome, Firefox, or your WordPress dashboard. Write smarter without working harder.

Why Typli.AI Is Better Than Every Other Copywriting Software?

  • Save hours in writing time (500X faster than humans)
  • Save money (200X cheaper than humans)
  • 100% Original Content – each time you click on generate
  • Team member access
  • Create SEO-Optimized Content
  • Generate Unlimited Output
  • Export Your Content as Doc or PDF
  • Estimate SEO Keyword Traffic
  • SO MUCH MORE…!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Typli.AI work on Mac and Windows?

Yes, Typli.AI is a web application, it works on both Mac and Windows.

Is Typli’s copy original?

Yes, this advanced AI Copywriting tool generates content that is unique each time. You can check other online tools for similar output but we can assure you that you won’t find the same copy anywhere.

Who owns the Copyright?

You do. Every article generated through your account is copy-righted to you.

What are the languages supported?

Currently, Typli.ai has a strong base in English, however, the team behind it are in the process of releasing additional languages soon.


Typli.AI is another copywriting software. However, it is much better than most copywriting softwares out there.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, OSX,

Application Category: Copywriting

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