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what makes a good writer? Well, being skilled in writing makes one a good writer. However, that is not the answer you are looking for. You want a thorough and wholesome answer and that is what we are going to provide you.

A good writer has a clear vision and knows what they want to say.

Being a good writer doesn’t mean being able to write or compile couple of fancy words and calling it a day. Good writers know what they are supposed to write about and are well aware of the weight and influence of their words. They know what cause are they committed to and in what way can they contribute for the sake of the common good

A good writer is able to research their topic thoroughly and present facts in an interesting and engaging way.

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what makes a good writer
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There might have existed some skilled writers who were too talented to have time for researching or studying the topic prior to the writing process. However, not all writers are capable of following such strategies. Good writers, in normal circumstances; are supposed and advised to do their researches and collect facts and references to further enrich their writing and backup what they are saying.

A good writer is able to construct a story that is both believable and engaging.

This might be a bit challenging for some writers, beginners, so to say. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain the distance between what is not real and what is believable. Being a good writer, you are supposed to be skilled enough to be able to have your readers immersed in the experience without feeding them so much unbelievable-in a negative way-narrative.

A good writer is able to revise and edit their work until it is perfect.

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what makes a good writer
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Laziness and being a good writers don’t usually fit together. Writing masterpieces without having time or the decency to revise and perfect them is unlikely to result in a positive outcome. Good writers spend more time revising and polishing what they have written because they feel the responsibility and are aware of the fact that it’s possible to err.

Final words on what makes a good writer

Good writers are talented and highly skilled. However, the most refined skill they are to boast of is their ability to assume the responsibility when it comes to doing what it takes to ensure producing high quality piece of content and taking the essential measures to perfect it even further.

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