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Writing a summary, a good summary; takes so much talent and one is bound to pay attention for the tiniest details respecting the process. You don’t want it to be longer than expected and you surely don’t want to miss important points from what you’re summarizing.

Which of the following is the best advice to follow when writing a summary?

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writing a summary.
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  • Keep it positively short
  • Include all key points of your article or book
  • Make it enjoyable
  • Use self-explanatory language
  • Don’t assume that readers have understood. Make sure they do

Keep it short

Summaries are expected to be short yet perfectly written. Some people are too lazy – or due to whatever reason they might have – to read the whole book or the full article. They prefer to get hold of a useful summary where they can find what they are looking for without wasting time between pages and long lines.

“So, you should make it short to avoid making them bored or frustrated”.

Make sure you cover all key points

Your summary might be the best resource a reader is looking for. They don’t want the full thing. They just need to be able to understand and grasp what the book or the article is about. Give them what they want.

Make it enjoyable

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writing a summary.
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Maybe you didn’t write the original book or whatever it might be and you are unlikely to receive much credit. However, it is a good opportunity for you. You can write an enjoyable summary which people enjoy reading and they are likely to be thankful for your efforts and you might be the reason they find passion for reading the whole book.

Don’t make it complicated

Use a simple language and avoid what most of summary writers try to do. They think it’s necessary to play it big and write as if they were writing their next book. It is a summary, keep it readable and enjoyable.

Final Words

Writing a summary is an art itself. You take a long piece of writing, you turn it into resourceful set of paragraphs. The only advice I think would be of use in this respect, is to make the summary short, simple and wholesome.

Now, hope the answer is delivered as effectively as expected. If you still have questions or simply anything you’d like to share, feel free to join us in the forum where we discuss topics related to writing and how to improve writing skills plus many other interesting topics.

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