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Writing jobs that can easily earn you money and help you practice your craft are not hard to find if you are smart enough to identify opportunities and stay away from scams and time wasting schemes. Today, we curated a job that is solely meant for writers.


Get Paid From Writing Jobs
Without Writing A Single Word!
Click, generate and sell articles to millions of potential buyers.

The Network

Writer Jobz has a big network that would help you sell articles to thousands of potential clients that are actively looking for freelance writers for their blogs, emails, social media and a variety of other uses. However, you can generate hundreds of articles using their Auto writer tool when you are just starting out!

How does it work?

writing jobs.
Writing Jobs

Here is an overview of what to expect, what to do and how you do it when it comes to joining and leveraging this network.

  • Find writing jobs

Find freelance writing jobs at their marketplace.

  • Where Do I Work?

You work online as a freelancer. No matter where you live. Work for yourself and be your own boss!

  • Deliver Articles

Click, generate, edit and deliver articles.

  • Earnings

There is no cap on your earnings.  The money you will make depends on the number of projects you can complete.

How much money you can make?

Some clients pay $500, $1000, $2000 or even more, but they are extremely rare. Realistically, most come in between $25 and $100 per project. The best part is you can take projects on your smartphone from anywhere, at any time.!

How to get started ?

Writer Jobz provide a free demo access to their Auto Writer tool so you get to know how it works. Best part is you won’t need any credit card to get started!

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